Monday, June 1, 2009

my first stereo photos

These stereo photos were made on this date using pictures i just took. Stereo photos are pretty much the same as the Real D 3D(no red and blue lens) movies that are showing now except that you don't use the special glasses to see it in 3D(so it's harder to do), but if you can view stereograms like the Magic Eye pictures then the stereo photos here should be easy.

They were easy to make, you just take one pic at your right eye's angle and another at the left eye, then edit them together using a picture program(I used "paint").

I use the method of looking "through" or "behind" the image to get it to cross itself; like if you look at your hand and then look behind it, your hand appears to double right? Do the same to the stereo photo until it crosses enough to focus in 3D--- you have to "look" far behind the monitor for it the cross enough. Keeping your head very still and level helps when viewing in stereo and if you decide to expand them to full size you might want to move back a few feet just to be able to cross the two picture all the way over each other.

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